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I'm a Marketing Strategist. I work with agencies and a few direct clients.


I talk with business professionals who convey passionate and meaningful information about how their products help customers. They speak to me in rich detail. They are animated and excited about what they do. They tell their company story.

Poof! Up in Smoke.


When I review a company's website and marketing messages, not one word of that passion, story or belief is conveyed. It all disappered!  Their messages blend in with all the others out there.There’s no unique business story.

There's only lists of information and lots of platitudes. Opportunities to create profitable sales opportunities are missed.

If you want to create better sales opportunities, you need to create better marketing stories. Whether it’s through advertising, web, direct mail, video or any other vehicle. It’s your compelling story that carries the power not the media selection.

As an experienced Creative Director, Business Story Teller, I believe I can work with you to create power-stories that will increase your sales opportunities and better support your sales people.

Seven International Telly Awards

The International John Caples Award


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Al Pirozzoli       Writer / Creative Director