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Marketing that attracts customers

I am a business Story Teller who will convey your most
vital uniqueness and attract customers to you!

Marketing That Attracts Customers


Four factors for a compelling marketing story that actually supports your sales:


If you have a product that should stand out,
don't let it blend in with all the others out there!



Go to the core of why you are in business and why
customers benefit when they use your product. (Find the Magic!)



Then it's critical to express the core of what you are, do and why.
It's that one thing that differentiates you from the rest.



Then convey your differentiation with compelling messages
that create top of mind. And what better place can you be
when the prospect is ready to buy!

This is the foundation for creating marketing stories that attract customers to your business.
The kind of business that actually supports profitable sales.

My specialty is decommoditizing products and increasing their value.


This is one of the most tragic images in our country.

It was once the home of a world-leading manufacturing company.

My uncle, along with over 400 other people worked in this building.

When it closed, most of those people had nothing left.

I have worked as a marketing specialist for over 2 decades
and my commitment is to help businesses create sales opportunities.


Unless your sales people have one of these in their closet, they need strong support from
marketing that opens doors and builds top of mind with prospects.

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