As a Sales / Marketing Professional or Business Owner, do you remember your passion
for marketing your products to the marketplace?

You know as well as I, that sales success is all about Ambition:
the drive to achieve something.

Instead of talking about websites, ads, and social media, shouldn't you first be talking about your professional
goals for your company's sales and marketing?

What do you really want to achieve through your marketing initiatives?

Do you have a product that should stand out, but instead blends in with all the others out there?

Successful marketing involves differentiating your value message to attract the right customers.

Business has never been more complex, volatile, and demanding, yet so full of opportunity.

I work with sales and marketing professionals to distinguish and separate their products in the marketplace.

The fact is: what makes your business different is what makes it so valuable!
And you definitely know the real uniqueness of what you offer--I can help you express it in compelling ways!

There's great value in working with someone who can come along side and assist you in achieving sales
you know your business should be enjoying. One who can work with you to deliver the differentiation

you know is inherent in the product or service you offer.

No one knows your product uniqueness better than you. My expertise is to team with you, and craft
a compelling story.

Here’s what I hear from many executives, business owners and senior level professionals
across business categories over many years of interviews (some 225 to date).

Do any of these keep you up at night?

We really need to get customers and prospects to pay more attention to our products/services.

There's really no process that keeps us at top of mind with buyers after the early point of contact.

We are beginning to look like every other company out there.

We provide great products but aren't getting great sales.

Our company deserves to be at a higher sales level so what is hindering us?

Customers/prospects really don’t understand how significantly our products can help them; they don’t
view what we offer as different than the competition.

Some of our customers are buying products we sell from other companies.

Customers and prospects don’t have us at top-of-mind. We need to stay on their radar screen
without spending tons of money.

I'm not convinced that our sales people are truly confident out there and I know it's hurting
us, and them.

The good news is that you can overcome these issues. Once you do, then you should review other
tactical issues such as:

Your business may be dealing with issues such as:

—watching your site content and social media fall behind.

—wanting to have more consistent posts, news releases.

—seeking more of the right kinds of customers.

—looking at ways to pre-sell your sales force.

—interested in conveying a differentiated marketing message.

—concerned about your SEO.

—looking for a higher level of copywriting to tell your story.

Ask yourself: who is giving ongoing attention to these vital needs?

What about meeting the need to add fresh, well written content to your site? That’s still the most valuable
way to draw search engines and persuade visitors. How good would it feel to have these and similar sales
support issues solved without complications, hassles or high cost?


My work wins more business for my clients, and awards from my peers!


7 International Telly Awards


     International John Caples Award


If you have a product that should stand out,
don't let it blend in with all the others out there!


Get out there and convince buyers that your product/service is the only logical choice.
Do it with excellence and passion, every single day!

My specialty is decommoditizing products.





Your marketing message matters! It's a fact!

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