As a Creative Director and Marketing Strategist I focus on one thing:
Assure my clients convey their unique value difference in compelling ways to attain profitable sales opportunities. In so doing I present them as the only logical choice for their prospects to do business with.
That requires communication value difference messages. Otherwise prospects consider them to be a commodity like all the other similar companies out there, and that means they will be judged on price. (That gives me chills, and it should for you as well.)

Consider this for your own well being: What makes you different is what makes you money

After all, it isn’t the sameness with other companies that makes you desirable. Unfortunately there are many, many companies that have not yet practiced this, and that’s why they struggle with sales.
I support companies by being a “Storyteller.” I can recall being around six years old and even then I was making up stories, some of which got me in trouble. Good marketing is storytelling. When a story is told or read something amazing happens: The first thing a story does is relax the mind, softens it, and what better time is there to get your message told and accepted!

The following information is vital to your business: The Myth of Marketing With Technology.

Based on the use of YouTube, Cloud, Social Networks, Websites and others, you’d think marketing is now all about Technology. It isn’t. Lost in that belief you can miss connecting to buyers. It’s not technology that reaches your audience; it’s the message differentiation that aligns with the buyer—that’s what allows technology to be effective for you.

A Marketing Lesson, Brought to You by the Klingons.

In Star Trek, Captain Jean-Luc Picard fought Klingons. Their cloaking technology made their ship invisible. Cloaking is the antithesis of what your business wants. But without differentiated marketing messages to engage your audience, you are ostensibly invisible.

The Klingons wanted to be invisible.
You don’t!
It’s a fact: Technology alone doesn’t get you on the buyer’s radar screen, your message difference does. The onslaught of daily messages is a merciless cacophony. You need more than technology apps filled with commodity messages to get through. Your value difference conveyed in compelling ways is what gets prospects to look. Once you achieve that your odds go up that they will become interested.

Heed the reality:
Undifferentiated messages are ignored by buyers.

Technology itself can never make a commodity message attractive to buyers. In fact, it can make you more invisible more often. The greater the technological assault carrying undifferentiated messages, the more it becomes invisible to audiences. Technology may reach a buyer, but it doesn’t mean it will connect with him. That should keep you up at night.

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