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A Marketing Lesson, Brought to You by the Klingons.

In Star Trek, Captain Jean-Luc Picard fought Klingons. Their cloaking technology made their ship invisible. Cloaking is the antithesis of what your business wants. But without differentiated marketing messages to engage your audience, you are ostensibly invisible.

IT’S A FACT: Technology alone doesn’t get you on the buyer’s radar screen, your message difference does. The onslaught of daily messages is a merciless cacophony. you need more than technology apps filled with commodity messages to get through. Your value difference conveyed in compelling ways is what gets prospects to look. Once you achieve that your odds go up that they will become interested.

HEED THE REALITY: Undifferentiated messages are ignored by buyers. In fact, it can make you more invisible more often. The greater the technology assault carrying undifferentiated messages, the more it becomes invisible to audiences. Technology may reach a buyer, but it doesn’t mean it will connect with him. That should keep you up at night.

The only logical choice. My primary concern for clients is that they convey their unique value difference in compelling ways to attain profitable sales opportunities. In so doing I present them as the only logical choice for their prospects to do business with. It’s absolutely critical that your prospects get a clear, impressive and aligned message about your offerings and how they align with them.

That requires strong words and images that convey intellectual and emotional appeals. But first and foremost, you must craft a truly differentiated message, or you are viewed as another commodity product/service out there. And you know what that means: you are judged on price!

unique and powerful

It’s that unique and powerful “magic” you offer…
you know, the reason you’re in business.

Arm yourself with a great story to make your point. Most buyers know that price is not the same as value, but we all need to be reminded constantly. That requires conveying value difference messages.

Otherwise, prospects consider your business to be a commodity like all the other similar companies out there, and it’s worth repeating, that means they will be judged on price. (That gives me chills, and it should for you as well.)

lift your unique value
If we can lift a 350,000-pound aircraft into the sky, there’s no reason we can’t lift your unique value.


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