Why Coke Continues To Advertise

Why Global Brand Leader Coca Cola Continues to Market Every Day.

I’ve been asked this question often: “Why does Coke continue to spend huge money on advertising when they are clearly the brand leader?”

So here’s the bottom line on why mammoth Coke spends money year in and year out to market a brand that is already leading across the world—and why they do so in the flow of A I C P. Consider these 12 reasons:

1. New potential customers are born every day who must be indoctrinated to the brand.
2. They need to get these new potential customers into the brand persona.
3. There are non-Coke drinkers who need to be evangelized.
4. There are customers they want to support and keep loyal.
5. There are customers whom they want to buy more product.
6. There are customers they want to recommend the product to others.
7. There’s Pepsi and other soft drink fans that need to be converted.
8. Here’s lost customers they need to entice back to the brand.
9. There are new trends and products so the brand must keep pace and stay relevant.
10. They want to stay close to customers who make sorties out to healthier drinks, and new drinks.
11. They need to show the world they are on top of their game and be present.
12. They want to grow the company and that takes profitable revenues.

Here you have one of the most formidable brands on earth and still, they are out there every single day creating blips on radar screens from babies to the golden oldies crowd. Now, can you honestly say that these 12 reasons in some form, don’t relate to, or matter to your sales opportunities?

Buyers today are moving through an abundance of online research on their own. They are inundated with data, statistics, numbers, quantifiers and qualitative input. But they still buy, more often than not in relationship. Relationship (familiarity, credibility) cannot exist without flowing through AICP, top of mind. Above are 12 utterly powerful and convincing reasons for AICP marketing.

It’s obvious that Coke courts customers and would-be customers like a finely tuned piano. (So when are you going to take piano lessons?) Some years ago Coke ran a campaign with the tagline, “Coke is it.” Well let me assure you of something, it still is!coke