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 A.S. Pirozzoli

Welcome to my website. Following years of working in ad agencies, and having founded my own agency, plus a four year stint in a Fortune 200 company, I went solo as a freelance Creative Director and Marketing Strategist. That was 2007 and I’m still standing, thanks to God, and a number or faithful clients.

In my decades of creative marketing experience I’ve seen first-hand that when it comes to results, Creativity Matters and Creativity Sells. I focus on one thing with clients: making sure they convey their unique value difference in compelling ways to achieve sales opportunities that sustain growth.

Here’s my entire sales and marketing philosophy:
“If you have a product that should stand out, don’t let it blend in with all the others out there.”

A few career milestones:
• Philips Medical: Successful introduction of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging
• Index Corp: Introduced automatic multi spindle machines to the U.S.
• Pepsi: Introduced and announced the first family size retail soda bottle to the trade
• Purdue: Launched its DeLuca brand chicken entrées to national grocery chains
• IBM Credit: First national awareness campaign
• Helped launched Historic Brands’ Old Mission Breads (artisan filled breads)
• NHL Created “On Solid Ice” first national retail merchandising promotion
• Revitalized the Pilot Pen / Yale tennis tournament
• Ironman World Triathlon: Transformed a race event into a viable brand
• Introduced Ironman brand sports watch (Timex iContro)l to x-games youth audience
• Branded and launched Missions of the World artisan breads a regional company
• NBA: Reformatted the apparel direct mail catalog. The commissioner said it was the most successful ever produced.
• Corometrics: Introduced the first neonatal fetal monitor to physician’s offices

I apply value-difference messages to every client I work with from startups to small and midsize and major corporations.
Every business I work with has the intention of growing in and expanding with some product or service or body of knowledge. It’s on my shoulders to bring ideas to the table that support that creatively and effectively.

Pirozzoli Studio

I have authored numerous corporate training manuals, novels, business and spiritually-based books, magazine articles and as a business ghost blogger. I am also a contributing columnist to Sherwin Williams’ national trade magazine and Wire Rope News & Sling Technology magazine. Read more about books by A.S. Pirozzoli and where to purchase them online. 

You can see a small sampling of my art on his online art studio.

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