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Al Pirozzoli

I work with entrepreneurs, owners, and marketing professionals. The clients I seek believe there’s more opportunity waiting for their company. They are driven to make a difference through their people, products, services, and talents. That takes marketing messages that tell your unique story in ways that attract the people you want to do business with.

Here is my entire sales and marketing philosophy:
“If you have a product that should stand out, don’t let it blend in with all the others out there.”

uncover magic

What I do is work to uncover a product/services true uniqueness (the magic) and then convey it through storytelling!

I can say confidently that I know your world! I built three companies, two from scratch. I’ve had to pay salaries, deal with personnel, collections, and keep sales coming in. I also worked as an executive in a Fortune 200 publicly held company, as an internal consultant, directly for the CEO. I’m familiar with battling “mind combat” and the critical importance of marketing uniqueness that sets you apart from Commodity Perceptions.

Coaching – Even the world’s best pros do it!

If the world’s greatest tennis players have a personal coach, why shouldn’t business leaders? Tiger Woods and a long list of the very best sports-persons have coaches. Why in the world would the very best businesses want a coach? Because you can’t live on yesterday’s skills alone. You need refreshing, a new perspective, additional honing of technique and so on. Coaching offers you a trusted confidant, see your blind spots, gain unbiased feedback, provides accountability, processes through difficulties and so much more.

  • Most of my work is coaching companies on creating more engaging
    stories about what they really offer.
  • Employing the MAPP © 360 process and training the trainer to use it.
  • Even if you have an agency, they don’t know it all or do it all.
  • When you work with me, I have no intention of trying to replace your agency.
  • I work on a special project at high velocity, then you bring it to life the way you want.
  • Depending on the need, I apply creative solutions, or writing that attracts your audience.


I talk with business professionals who convey passionate and meaningful information about how their products help customers. They talk to me in rich detail. Tell me stories. And proudly tout their unique difference, their magic! They are animated, purposeful.


When I review their websites and marketing materials; when I hear their salespeople talk, not one word of that passion, excitement or value uniqueness is conveyed. There’s no story. No value differences. Only lists of information, product features and lots of platitudes. Opportunities to create profitable sales are missed.

Too many lost opportunities

It happens all the time. The salesperson has worked on getting a qualified appointment.


The meeting really goes well. Great chemistry, right solutions discussed. The meeting ends.

The salesperson gets busy, things happen and before you know it, a great deal of time has gone by and that great meeting is long forgotten.

op split

What’s even worse is that the prospect felt like you wasted her time with a meeting, and all the time in pursuing her before achieving that meeting. In many ways, the prospect is insulted. Moreover, the salesperson wasted his own time and company time. You think that’s still a potential lead. This is precisely why I urge clients to function in A.I.C.P. Learn more about the our of the most important letters in business.

500 people lost their jobs in one day!
Each of us has a calling, a responsibility, a destiny (whatever title suits you ), and that one thing drives and compels us and brings us satisfaction. Very often something takes place in your life, a pattern interruption that opens your eyes to that calling and it usually isn’t a soft and mushy encounter, at least it wasn’t for me. When disaster hit one of my largest clients, it changed my life in several ways…Learn more

going beyond expectations
We may not achieve what’s impossible, but we can go beyond expectations by trying.

A few career milestones:

  • Philips Medical: Successful introduction of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging
  • Index Corp: Introduced automatic multi-spindle machines to the U.S.
  • Pepsi: Introduced and announced the first family size retail soda bottle to the trade
  • Purdue: Launched its DeLuca brand chicken entrées to national grocery chains
  • IBM Credit: First national awareness campaign
  • Helped launched Historic Brands’ Old Mission Breads (artisan filled breads)
  • NHL Created “On Solid Ice” first national retail merchandising promotion
  • Revitalized the Pilot Pen / Yale tennis tournament
  • Ironman World Triathlon: Transformed a race event into a viable brand
  • Introduced Ironman brand sports watch (Timex iControl) to x-games youth audience
  • Branded and launched Missions of the World artisan breads a regional company
  • NBA: Reformatted the apparel direct mail catalog. The commissioner said it was the most successful ever produced.
  • Corometrics: Introduced the first neonatal fetal monitor to physician’s offices

I have authored numerous corporate training manuals, novels, business and spiritually based books, magazine articles and as a business ghost blogger. And I’m also a contributing columnist to Sherwin Williams’ national trade magazine, American Showcase, and Wire Rope News & Sling Technology magazine.

I apply value-difference messages to every client I work with from startups to small and midsize and major corporations. Every business I work with has the intention of growing in and expanding with some product or service or body of knowledge. It’s on my shoulders to bring ideas to the table that support that creatively and effectively.

You will find interesting and important thoughts on my site which I hope will cause you to think differently about yourself and your organization. Consider sending any materials on this site to anyone in your organization you think might benefit. We can also arrange a confidential get together.

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