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Al Pirozzoli
Al Pirozzoli

Working as a Creative Director in advertising over a few decades, I’ve seen and experienced a great deal. My work has been blessed in many ways:

(1) My work has made a difference to the growth of many businesses;

(2) My work has garnered 7 International Telly Awards, The International Hermes Creative Award, The Mead Award, and the International John Caples Award.

(3) My creative solutions have sold billions of dollars in products and services over my career.

(4) I’ve tried to honor God in the sense that I have remained committed to the unique gifts imprinted in me. These and the related opportunities they present have helped fuel energy in my life and in energetic client results.


There is something profound about a story. As soon as a story is told/read it immediately relaxes the mind and makes it more receptive. What better way, and what better time to get your unique, differentiated value message across to prospects!

Throughout my life I’ve been telling stories. I recall as young as around 5 or 6 that I was telling stories some of which got me in trouble. That carried through my career in advertising in print, TV, film, video, broadcast and every other medium. And I assure you that advertising presents the most difficult and challenging problems for storytelling. You have to tell a story most often in highly condensed space or time:

  • Headline (capture attention)
  • Offer a plot to keep them interested
  • Come up with an ending (to close the deal).

The assignment is to always create a story in miniature. And you have extremely limited space to do this with words and images on a magazine page, or web page or social media. You work in a small arena (physical space and time) to make a big impact. Then you have radio scripts, and social media posts. You face the same challenge—write a story in miniature, with an opening, plot and ending in 30 seconds or 60 seconds. The storytelling is slightly improved when writing a TV commercial because your story gets some help from music and moving imagery. A company video is even more challenging because you are charged to tell a convincing story about a company’s multi-year history, in a short time. That said, I am so fortunate that I have learned the key results-factors in the advertising field.

Why I take my creative and marketing skills so seriously

When I served as President and Creative Director in several companies I was the one who dealt with business problems. This problem hit me personally. At the time Bridgeport Machines was the world leader in CNC milling machines.  Along with my team we moved the company’s machine tool sales to number one in the world. An amazing opportunity! To this day their machines are virtually in every manufacturing plant in the country and many abroad. 500 people lost their jobs in one day! Each of us has a calling, a responsibility, a destiny (whatever title suits you ), and that one thing drives and compels us and brings us satisfaction. Very often something takes place in your life, a pattern interruption that opens your eyes to that calling and it usually isn’t a soft and mushy encounter, at least it wasn’t for me. When disaster hit one of my largest clients, it changed my life in several ways…LEARN MORE

Al Pirozzoli Career Milestones:

  • Philips Medical: Successful introduction of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging
  • Index Corp: Introduced automatic multi spindle machines to the U.S.
  • Pepsi: Introduced and announced the first family size retail soda bottle to the trade
  • Purdue: Launched its DeLuca brand chicken entrées to national grocery chains
  • IBM Credit: First national awareness campaign
  • Helped launched Historic Brands’ Old Mission Breads (artisan filled breads)
  • NHL Created “On Solid Ice” first national retail merchandising promotion
  • Revitalized the Pilot Pen / Yale tennis tournament
  • Ironman World Triathlon: Transformed a race event into a viable brand
  • Introduced Ironman brand sports watch (Timex iControl) to x-games youth audience
  • Branded and launched Missions of the World artisan breads a regional company
  • NBA: Reformatted the apparel direct mail catalog. The commissioner said it was the most successful ever produced.
  • Corometrics: Introduced the first neonatal fetal monitor to physician’s offices

By the way I don’t ever forget the people who got me here, the people who invested in me, taught me and believed in my creative talent, and stretched uncomfortably. That’s where I learned the essence of telling stories, of creative thinking. Then they send me out of the nest where it was honed in the pressure cooker of deadlines and little space and little time to get a story across; it squeezes out what you have inside. If there’s nothing there creatively, then all that flows out is tension and this is a drain on enthusiasm for your work. Always honor the people upon who’s shoulders you stand.

On the professional career side for me this includes; Ed Gaylog, Bill Silverman, Ed Sullivan, Russ Madison, Howard Drubner, Rich Krevolin, Craig Clyde, and David Hevenstone.

On the spiritual side it includes: Ken Richard, Joe Petritrone Dr. John Huffman, Arthur Miller, Jr., and Myles Munroe, Fr. Joe Connelly.

Levi's Chalice
Levi’s Chalice by Al Pirozzoli


I have authored a number of books and monographs some of which are listed on my BOOKS page.

Recently, I wrote a fictional novel, “Levi’s Chalice”, it’s available on Amazon. Please take a read.

You really can’t afford not to convey your unique value- difference story and that is what I would like to do working with you.

Thank you,
Al Pirozzoli