“As good as?” No thanks!

When people say, “Joe, or Joan is as good as any other worker,” red flags should go up. Who would want their legacy to read:

“John was as good as anyone else at his work.”
“Janet was as good as anyone else at what she did.”

I don’t think so.
Who would find claims of that kind very welcoming or inspiring? And you certainly wouldn’t want it to be true about you. (I hope.) There’s no differentiation in being as good as. To be as good as means to be average, mediocre, part of the pack, do the ordinary, unremarkable, or routine. Quite simply, this is a statement of settling, of getting by, of being a mirage of the something real that you truly are meant to be. “To be as good as” communicates absolutely no differentiation. Much like the travel websites boasting about their virtual reality visits to famous landmarks to be as good as being there. It isn’t. Not by a long stretch. You, must dodge at all costs the mediocrity of being as good as. If you are a Mustang be the sleekest, fastest, most efficient Mustang you can be. Stay waxed, shined and tuned. Get every bit of performance you can from your engine. Squeeze out every bit of proficient energy. Win your races or at the very least qualify for the pole position.