Be What You Are

small business be what you are

Don’t ever sell off what your company is for something it was never meant to be.

Rather than wasting resources to make your business something it is not; invest wisely in the uniqueness you have or should pursue. That alone will bring you the business success you desire. This particularly applies to small business. Even if a small business holds the resources to run aggressive marketing campaigns, it cannot differentiate something it doesn’t have. Conversely, if the value difference it does possess is not defined and conveyed, it takes on commodity.

There is no differentiation without distinction. Remember this– without a value difference your business is a commodity, may it never be!

I’m going to risk overstating this differentiation point, but it’s worth the extra push.

What makes diamonds so very valuable?

Think about diamonds a moment. They are clearly considered special; clearly differentiated. Diamonds are formed deep in the earth, to the tune of 75 to 120 miles down. Geologists tell us all diamonds in these modern times are at least 990,000,000 years old and older. They are carried to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Diamonds are formed from ordinary carbon, like the pencil lead you write with and the powder used to lubricate locks. It takes about 1500 degrees C to transform carbon into diamonds and the pressure required can be likened to stacking 450 snowmobiles on a penny.

Pretty amazing isn’t it? Think about it, when you hold a diamond in your hand you hold something absolutely astounding and precious in value. But it’s likely your product or service also holds precious and unique value that others out in the world need. The determination and commitment to your product, like the diamond, requires struggle to be lifted to the surface as its true uniqueness. There’s only one answer to the question: “Why are diamonds so valuable?” The answer is:

Because there are so few of them.”

The DeBeers family has a keen understanding of the diamond’s differentiation and it has been apparent in their marketing. Don’t believe for a minute that what you offer is relegated to a commodity. Whether it’s a product, a service or a body of knowledge, be extremely cautious. Consider this:

Commodity Mindset is a like Business Assassin.

Think about this:

Chicken is chicken, right? Not if you ask Jim Perdue.

Cars are cars, right? Not if you ask Enzo Ferrari.

Coffee is coffee, right? Not if you ask Starbucks.

Soda is soda, right? Not if you ask Coke.

Software is software, right? Not if you ask MicroSoft

Watches are watches, right? Not if you ask Rolex.

Diamonds are diamonds, right? Not if you ask DeBeers.

Shoes are shoes, right? Not if you ask Nike.

Water is water, right? Not if you ask Evian.

Beer is beer right? Not if you ask Samuel Adams.

Don’t ever forget that a small business should never think small about what it can accomplish. Small businesses are the literal backbone of this country and that has always been so. Your business solves something, and it does so uniquely.

If that is true, then you absolutely must uncover what that is, and convey it powerfully and with consistency!

Everyday counts so don’t wait for something to happen.

If you want to enjoy profitable sales success, you will have to create it!  
That’s something I can support you to achieve right away so contact me today.