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Author Alfred S. Pirozzoli’s books span many genres. Please scroll down to find his recently published novel and some free marketing monographs (downloadable PDFs).

  • Levi's Chalice is an extraordinary journey of transformation to destiny. Historical fiction set in Israel during Jesus' time. Genre: Historical Fiction Hard cover, soft cover, and ebook BUY on Amazon

    Alfred S. Pirozzoli Levi’s Chalice

  • The Profit Assassins Straight talk about how marketing differentiation can defend your business against lost profit.

    Genre: Business - Marketing

    Soft cover book

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    A.S. Pirozzoli The Profit Assassin

Recently Al’s novel, “Levi’s Chalice”, was published and is now available on AMAZON Watch the video below to get a feel for this historical fiction novel.


Testimonials from Levi’s Chalice

Craig Clyde
Craig Clyde

“This is a novel unlike any other. It takes us on a journey with an outcast boy who finds himself trapped in the upper room in the ancient city of Jerusalem, during the Last Supper. The events which follow turn on this remarkable boy’s personality — just as the massive door of a vault turns on a small jewel bearing.

An orphan left to his own devices, Levi goes on to learn a profound lesson and you are about to embark on this journey with him. A timeless fable which – despite all appearances – is not only a Christian story but a journey every reader will understand. It delivers a poignant insight which could have been taken from “The Greatest Story ever told.” A not-to-be-missed look within the human condition. Share “Levi’s Chalice” with your family, friends even strangers. For this easily read, but impossible-to-forget little novel, will change you as no other story could.” Perfect timing as a gift for the upcoming holidays.”
— Craig Clyde,

Craig Clyde is an award-winning screenwriter and director of over two dozen family-based features for Hallmark, television and film. Craig wrote the video, Lighting the Way – The Olympic Dream for the International Olympic Committee, which was used in the winning Utah bid for the 2002 Winter Games. His film, The Christmas Wish, was one of the highest-rated programs for the Hallmark Channel. Clyde has appeared in over 60 major motion pictures and national television programs as an actor for all the major networks, as well as numerous stage roles.

Eliana Barbosa
Eliana Barbosa

“Levi’s Chalice is a dramatic novel that will touch your soul and transform your heart! You will embark on a journey of discovery, growth and inner healing as you follow in the footsteps of Levi, a young orphan and beggar, whose feelings of abandonment and rejection direct their thoughts and choices, until the day he meets Jesus of Nazareth.

After this unexpected and blessed encounter, Levi, enveloped by the powerful energy of Jesus’ love, begins to do good and thereby to attract into his life generous people and favorable circumstances that will lead him to discover the true meaning of his own life, and surely you, like Levi, will never feel alone again.

I congratulate the author for writing this story so touching and inspiring, that in many moments it gave me the feeling of being with Jesus, realizing his immense love and affection for humanity! That is why, dear reader, I invite you to read and share this book with the most significant people in your life, especially those who have not yet discovered the extraordinary power of generosity and faith!”

–Eliana Barbosa (Life coach, psychotherapist, motivational lecturer, TV host, author of 5 books in Brazil, and co-author of BE THE HERO OF YOUR STORY.

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