How to Create a Book with Kids

create a book with kids

Making a Book with Children

Teach the value of Reading, Writing and applying Imagination

Al Pirozzoli shares a great way for parents and grandparents to create books with their children and grandchildren.

How to Guide Children with their Book

The Idea, The Story

Start with your child’s idea for a story. It helps to prepare a basic outline of the story, the characters, the plot, the ending etc. You can obviously help and coach, but try not to overtake the project from an adult perspective.

You’ll need illustrations that you can help your child create. If the book is not going to be commercially sold, you can find photos, cartoons, and drawings online to use. Depending on the storyline, you can use your smartphone to take photos that accompany the story. Don’t be too concerned about professionalism, this is a project to help your child express creativity, allow you to play a role in it, and teach the value of reading, writing and applying imagination.

Of course, you can also be a co-author and work together to develop a book. Following are a few photos to demonstrate basic ways to put a book together.

Enjoy.—Al Pirozzoli

5 Steps to Help Kids Create a Book

Step 1 – The Cover

step 1 to create a book with kids
Start with a standard sheet of paper folded in half. Draw a cover idea and title. This can be done by hand with colored pencils, markers or crayons. If you have a computer and printer the book pages can be typed and drawings scanned in.

Step 2 – The Story

step 2 to create a book with kids
On the inside, tell the story with drawings, cartoons or photos. You can also do something on the outside back cover or leave it blank. Somewhere in the book, be sure to include the name of the writer and illustrator and a copy-right statement.

Step 3 – Adding Pages

step 3 to create a book with kids
If you want to add more pages for a longer story, just fold in one or two more folded pages.

Step 4 – Binding the Book

step 4 to create a book with kids
There are two simple methods to bind your book. You can use the Bostitch booklet stapler which is adjustable to staple the spine of the book.

Step 5 – Or No Binding

step 5 to create a book with kids
If you don’t have a Bostitch, you can fold the book closed and just staple the folded edge.

So, there it is… a simple, low-cost way to explore creativity with your child, grandchild, or student.

Want to Self-Publish their book?

You can easily create a self-published children’s book with Amazon’s Kindle Kids’ Book Creator. This is different than adult self-publishing because it is based on a lot of images. If you want to give it a go, this is something you will probably have to do for your children, unless they are older. The link for Kindle Kids’ Book Creator is HERE.

Helping children make a book … it’s a great way to promote creative thinking. (By the way, it’s really okay to color outside the lines.)