Differentiation & Value

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Business Differentiation

What makes your business different is what makes it valuable.

Message differentiation is your company’s most vital asset and supports:

  • Higher price point
  • Better sales opportunities
  • Reason to purchase
  • Referrals
  • Your compelling story
  • Drawing the right customers for your business
  • Better predict your sales future
  • ..and much more.

I have learned through direct experience that my claim: marketing differentiation is the most valuable asset of a company, is reality.

Your sales people are likely hearing “Your price is too high…”. This may indicate:

  • The prospect is reflecting back that the message you’ve been conveying through advertising and so on, doesn’t justify your selling price.
  • Your marketing messages are conveying commodity rather than uniqueness which creates low price mentality.
  • Your messages are talking to the wrong prospects altogether.

As business people we simply cannot afford to allow profit opportunities to escape us due to poor marketing message differentiation. There’s no reason for any company to convey an “also ran” message.

Here’s the rub (and there’s always a rub)

The principles and examples I will be offering as this blog shifts to marketing and business strategies only, are going to do nothing unless you activate them. It’s amazing how many businesses expect their would-be customers to figure out why they should buy from them. They will not do that.

Whether you are providing a service, product, body of knowledge or even working as a politician, message differentiation can make the difference between significant success and mediocre results.

There are “Profit Assassins” operating in many areas of a company.

The Profit Assassins are a metaphor: They are insidious: worn ideas, outdated beliefs, risk averse, comfortable people, and they wield great negative power and influence. They like to stay right where they are, under a rock hiding out, hoping for the best. Hope is not a very effective marketing strategy. Commodity mindset is a profit assassin.

The Profit AssassinsAnd, what a down and dirty, in your face truth those words convey. So, marketing is about:

  1. Your most formidable sales and marketing antagonist, the Profit Assassin. Uncovering and defeating them will be a blessing in your business life.
  2. Your ability to craft marketing messages that are differentiated and do so in compelling ways. Because you have to make them look before you can get them to buy.

To learn more you can get my book: The Profit Assassins: Straight talk about how marketing differentiation can defend your business against lost profit. Here’s the link to The Profit Assassins on Amazon.

There’s an old saying, one that is true on all levels: “If you want to assure your sales future, create it.” Differentiated marketing messages with compelling creativity properly builds that sales future.

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