Marketing For The Rest of Us

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So, who exactly do I mean by the “rest of us?” Most companies with revenues over $25 million have the resources to hire ad agencies and to produce marketing programs that are costly (which, by the way, doesn’t guarantee they will work).

The real questions are:

  • What about companies from $1 million to $15 million or so?
  • What about start-ups?
  • What about those hoping to revitalize a product or service?
  • What about those that want to gain better quality customers, not just sales?
  • What about companies where the owner or primary leader wears too many hats to focus?

Effective marketing requires Mind Combat!

Dedicated companies but…

Those companies comprise the unique category of businesses that make amazing products and provide outstanding services. When it comes to marketing and sales support, these dedicated companies don’t typically do well at creating new, quality sales opportunities. Nor is their marketing and sales support very effective. These are the companies I place under the banner: Marketing For The Rest of Us.


Big brands spend billions (not millions), on marketing. The rest of us cannot.

The shift

This is the category of business I am working with. In over 3 decades working in ad agencies, owning one of my own, working in a Fortune 200 company, and creating for brands that are household names, I made a shift in what I want to do to help build businesses. I have left the large companies to focus on companies in the above categories because they have been underserved and are ready to make a true and unique mark in the world.

There are 5

There are valid reasons for my decision to shift to smaller and mid sized companies:

  1. In these companies, I get to work directly with owners/primary leaders. That means decisions can be made without checking with three vice presidents, legal beagles, or committees.
  1. These owners/leaders are very close to their products/services, so they have not lost their passion and sold-out belief in what they offer. It’s not merely about money alone.
  1. They don’t just want more sales, they want the right kind of new customers.
  1. They do not have an abundance of funds to support marketing, so they need to get the most from what they have.
  1. For me? I enjoy the best of both worlds. I put my expertise and experience toward supporting results and get to play a role in creating sustainable success.
Don’t settle for a slice when there’s a whole pie

Don’t settle for a slice when there’s a whole pie

Companies in the category of revenues and factors I mentioned above do not need to spend large sums of money on marketing and sales support. They need to be extremely efficient with what is done.

More importantly they must clearly define the unique value difference and how that solves the target audience problem.

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Prove that you are the only logical choice to do business with

Marketing exists to support sales. Sales exits to support customers. You can apply the effective methods I offer to move you forward.

When the economy works
it’s because small business works!

If you are among those who wrestle with the 5 reasons, you can do something to overcome them.

If you want to create the kind of life you want for your business, yourself, and your family, it would be worth a conversation to explore it.

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