Opportunity is a special way of seeing spiritually.

100 Billion Neurons Make You Truly Formidable

MechanicsOfPeopleMind-by-digitalartScience has discovered that your brain houses some 100 billion neurons which can each potentially support as many as 100 thousand synaptic linkages with neighboring nerve cells.

That means, theoretically, a quadrillion connections are possible. What the Creator has built into the mind is nothing short of astounding, staggering, and sobering.

That little 3 pound grapefruit in your head can optimize, maximize and potentialize everything around it. This fact is often underutilized, underappreciated, and for the most part overlooked. I am convinced of this:

Opportunity is a special way of seeing spiritually.

Nothing happens in the human state unless it begins with a thought. A thought is an unexpressed word (or words) while words are expressed thoughts.

Everything physical begins with the spiritual. Build a home—it begins as a blueprint which is translated to lumber, metal and nails and you have a physical object which derived its existence from the spiritual. The scientific community determined to investigate the unseen world; the elements that comprise the physical. In the 1860s a about 60 elements were catalogued. The Atomic Table of Periodic Elements now covers over 100 material elements that make up everyone and everything.

The question is what do you have your 100 billion neurons working on?