Creative Marketing Support

Marketing must support sales

Here’s the philosophy behind my creative approach for clients:

If you have a product that should stand out, don’t let it blend in with all the others out there.

What makes your company different is what makes you successful in the marketplace, but many businesses continue to offer messages that are commodity based. Differentiating your marketing messages gets the prospect’s:

you were meant to standout not blend in

  • Attention
  • Consideration
  • Interest
  • Purchase

Communicate your differentiation as the only logical choice to buyers.

The MAPP© 360 —actionable improvements for example:

  • Create your true differentiated story.
  • Define your product’s extraordinary competence that few others can master.
  • Support customer cost benefit with the unique “magic” your product provides.
  • Highly differentiated marketing messages.
  • Product and company differentiation.
  • Confidently arm your sales people.
  • Align people to collaborate and bring meaningful solutions.

Think of all the time and money invested in LEAN and continuous improvement in the manufacturing and R&D areas. These benefits don’t often get up to the business side of the organization.

If your product could talk to you:


“Hello, it’s me. Remember me? Your product. I see you are all busy with improvement programs. But I admit I’m a bit put out. I know there’s other products out there claiming to do what I do, supposedly as good as I do. But that simply isn’t true. In fact, I heard our VP of Marketing actually say that one of our customers is buying what they think is the equivalent of me, from our competitor. Can someone hand me a Tums, how awful is that? I’m bragging here, yes! I’m superior to every product in my category and worth a higher price on every level. I’m really upset that I am being described in a way that makes me come across as a commodity out there. Where’s my amazing story with the intellectual and emotional appeals, authenticity; my uniqueness?

“It’s illogical! We’re spending on research, engineering, sales, equipment and all of it. Where’s my benefit, from all that LEAN and Kanban and self-improvement? When was the last time you all sat down to assess what you created me to offer out there, and how to communicate it powerfully? I see marketing messages about me out there and I wonder, who are they talking about? Am I living in a sequel to the Body Snatchers movie?
I’m your product, the external delivery of every sales and marketing promise you make.
Well, that was quite a rant and I don’t mean to be harsh or insulting. I’m calling for help to get back on a pedestal where I belong and so do you.”

The MAPP 360© delivers internal and external marketing results at high velocity.
A proprietary Socratic method to uncover your company’s unique product value difference and the opportunities you may be missing. Goes to the core to uncover the real “magic” you offer. The reason your company exists; the purpose of what every person in every department does, is to create a product that uniquely addresses the problems of customers.

It’s your big idea, your special magic that no others can deliver. But it’s not your product alone, it’s a total experience. It’s more than the tangible existence that’s provided to the customer. That experience itself has value. It’s really the accumulation of value from inception to manufacturing to application that makes the product what it is.

It’s a complexity of tangible and intangible elements that makes it work like no other, and distinguishes your product from a “commodity.” How well is your product’s marketing message shepherding that magic, that uniqueness in a story they can’t put down?

mapp 360

MAPP© 360 works with a group of people to uncover, rediscover, renew and reset the authentic value difference (the Magic) that your product uniquely offers. The process is forensic as in the original Latin: “In Open Court.” You gain a 360-degree view to create new market opportunities at high velocity.

The result is a lift of the product message that supports price point and positioning and much more. What makes the MAPP 360 work is the alignment of the diversity of people working the process rather than a few isolated people as is typical. The sessions are intense and geared to high velocity transformation. There’s a great deal of hype out there about transformation. Transformation is not some mystic thing, it’s a deep and significant change, after which, your understanding of business has dramatically shifted. This is precisely what the MAPP 360© achieves with a product, family of products, or services.

A Quick Personal Note
I worked with a client that refurbished nuclear imaging systems for cardiology. I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Daniel Amen, noted psychiatrist, brain researcher, author and host of several PBS specials on the brain.

He pioneered using imaging in the treatment of the brain. He said something in the interview for which he received much push back from colleagues. “Psychiatrists are the only physicians that never see the organ they treat. They are too engrained in “couch time.”

It’s the same approach is a reality in many companies. They remain in “couch time” mentality rather than deep scans of their product’s exceptional value.

You hold a passion for marketing your products and winning!

Discussing websites, ads, and social media is fine, but don’t you really want to move what you offer to the head of the line out there?

  • What do you want to achieve with marketing initiatives?
  • Remember, what makes your business different is what makes it so valuable!
  • Do you have a product that should stand out, but doesn’t right now?

stand out

So, where is your product when the prospect is looking?

Surveys and my own experience show that when business professionals were asked what problems their products solve—you receive a jumbled list of features and capabilities instead of a crisp, clean compelling answer that’s persuasive. Together we will develop a truly differentiated story, one that conveys your authentic magic.
And we will do so in compelling stories to attract the right customers.

Creativity Maters. Creativity Sells!

Other practical MAPP© 360 benefits:
Additional benefits of defining your extraordinary value sets your company apart in the eyes of your employees. “Commitment” is powerful when good peoned to get there. Your product story must work in the marketplace and within the ranks of your business. The MAPP 360 achieves that.

decommoditizingI specialize at de-commoditizing products and services.

Unless your salespeople have one of these in their desk drawer, they need compelling, differentiated, marketing messages to set them apart! So, MAPP your success now.


Through internal and external marketing consulting and the MAPP 360 application, I support leaders in defining their true product value message to create positive change and fortify sales opportunities.

External marketing—
is what your business promises to the world through your unique differentiation.

Internal marketing—
is how you and your people ensure delivery on those external promises.

Unfortunately, the latter is often completely overlooked. And yet, everything a business does is about marketing and people and their extraordinary uniqueness.

There’s a great deal of value in working with someone unbiased, who can come along side and assist your organization in achieving the sales goals you know your business should be enjoying. I’m incredibly excited about what the MAPP 360, combined with engaged people who want greater success can accomplish.