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Here’s the philosophy behind my creative approach for clients:

If you have a product that should stand out, don’t let it blend in with all the others out there.

What makes your company different is what makes you successful in the marketplace, but many businesses continue to offer messages that are commodity based. Differentiating your marketing messages gets the prospect’s:

you were meant to standout not blend in

  • Attention
  • Consideration
  • Interest
  • Purchase

Communicate your differentiation as the only logical choice to buyers.

You can’t fight a wildfire with a squirt gun and you can’t create sales opportunities with commodity marketing concepts.

I talk with business leaders, owners, sales and marketing professionals. I ask about their business. They tell me wonderful stories of how they deliver solutions to customers. They speak with passion and verifiable pride. They become animated. Then I find disconnect!


All gone.

When I review their website, social media, print materials, and talk to their sales people, not a single word of that passion or solutions is present. Instead there are platitudes, buzz words, jargon, and commodity-speak. Their message sounds like everyone else’s. The very factors that make them unique and different are not present.

The Result of This Kind of Marketing.
The prospect can now only evaluate them on sameness, commodity and that means “price.” (It actually hurt me to type that.) Don’t ever overlook what makes your business different because that’s where you advantage is sourced and that’s what prospects will pay for.

What makes you different is what makes you money


Creativity Matters! Creativity Sells!

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International Hermes Creative Gold Award



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