The Power of Your Potential

Potential. While in New York City I walked past a construction site and spotted a small, bright flower growing out of a crack in the concrete sidewalk. In the middle of the busiest city in the world, this little delicate seed had achieved the remarkable; it rode the wind through canyons of skyscrapers. Landing alongside a building site, it worked its way through a crack in hard, dead concrete until it broke through to the nourishing light of day.

Later that afternoon riding the train back to my office, I scratched out the words: The flower that finds a way to bloom in adversity is rare but gets to cast a unique shadow in the place where the world says it can never be.

It was a lesson. A lesson in faith. Growing faith is always an upward call in hard places.

About the Author

Al Pirozzoli’s career has served on two fronts. In the business world, where he serves as a Creative Director and Marketing Consultant, his writing has garnered many awards including the International John Caples Award, and he has won 7 International Telly Awards. His work has covered many business and product categories from chocolate chips to computer chips. On the ministry side, he has been involved as a licensed and ordained, Marketplace Chaplain and has served in volunteer capacity as a minister. Al’s creativity rarely rests, he authors numerous blog posts on He is also the co-founder of where you can find ebooks written by Al Pirozzoli.