Where to mine for the greatest wealth?

Shall we travel to the great diamond mines in Africa?
Or head up to the great oil reserves in the North?

What geographical region would most likely render the greatest wealth to be mined?

As unpleasant as it may sound, the place to locate the greatest of wealth in the cemetery.

Imagine all the people who lived with minds full of solutions, ideas, innovations, products, processes, answers, concepts, formulas, and never released any of it to the world but rather, died with untold wealth of betterment within them.

How many cures for cancer are buried in the cemetery?
How many unwritten books?
How many new technical devices?
How many human relationship improvements?
How many churches?
How many business concepts?
How many surgical procedures?
How many new products?
How many psychological treatments?
How many theological breakthroughs?
How many…

They were unable or unwilling to release their treasure troves of magnificent thinking. And we are the worse for it. Like it or not you are a debtor to the rest of us and each of us in turn as well.