You were meant to stand out not blend in

you were meant to standout not blend inThe most remarkable fact about you, me and every single person on the planet is our individualized, personalized, unique distinction, talents, giftedness, purpose, passion and destiny.

That’s a mouth-full but absolutely true. Fingerprints, snowflakes and DNA have nothing over you; how unique you truly are. What you do well, what you’ve always done well, even from childhood; what came so naturally and resulted in great satisfaction to you and those who benefited from it, typifies this personal differentiation.

Far, far too many people are busy at trying to become something when in fact they are already something … something distinctly unique. And for the most part, this thing you do, this thing you were meant to do and to give to the world, is called forth by the people who need that very special thing that you are. The wonder of it is that regardless of how often this giftedness is extracted, it never runs low or out. It is a constant flow of replenishment. Indeed, it keeps you alive and vibrant. If people didn’t need the giftedness you have to offer, there would be no need for you to exist.

Since you are reading this you do indeed exist. You have a divine imprint intended to make a difference for the good at the very least, in your spheres of influence. You and I … we were meant to stand out. Not for self aggrandizement but to be billboards that attract those who need what we bring. In God’s view (that is to say a biblical view), people are walking, talking spiritual warehouses of creativity and solutions energized directly by the King of Ideas, the Central of Creativity, and the Author of Innovation, who is none other than Jesus the Christ! The stunning reality is recorded by St. Paul, informing us that, “…for we have been given the mind of Christ.”